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Energy conservation through automatic ventilation control
The AIRXPERT 7000 uses CO2 data to conserve energy in two ways. First, the system investigates dozens of occupied spaces in a building for evidence of persistent over-ventilation. Then, the AIRXPERT 7000 is reconfigured to monitor CO2 in just those areas with the highest potential payback. That data is exported continuously through a BACnet interface to the building automation system to modulate ventilation in concert with fluctuating demand.
Benefit Statements
     EC-1 Identify over-ventilated areas where outside air can be reduced to save energy without compromising the ASHRAE Ventilation Standard.
     EC-2 Conserve energy through demand-controlled ventilation (DCV), which automatically adjusts ventilation to match fluctuating occupancy levels.
     EC-3 Shed summertime energy load to avoid utility price thresholds without compromising the ASHRAE Ventilation Standard.
     EC-4 Verify that return air CO2 at the air handler is a valid indicator of occupancy in demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) applications.

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