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AIRXPERT SYSTEMS is an environmental information technology company dedicated to the pro-active management of indoor environments in large buildings. Its unique, proprietary monitoring system makes real-time ventilation system performance data available to all parties involved with creating and managing the indoor environment.

The AIRXPERT 7000 multi-point monitoring system delivers unprecedented feedback on ventilation system performance in any large building, doubling as both a diagnostic and control tool for

The system continuously monitors CO2, humidity and other basic measures of ventilation system performance at up to 48 locations anywhere in a building on a 24-7 basis. This data tells the building manager how well the ventilation system is functioning, and whether the intended results are achieved whenever changes are made to its mechanical configuration or operation. Similarly, the AIRxpert 7000 immediately provides valuable feedback whenever occupancy levels or the use of space are changed.

To help control air conditioning costs, the monitoring data can be continuously exported to a building's energy management system through a BACnet interface to automatically adjust ventilation in response to fluctuating occupancy.

Whether installed temporarily for a short-term project, or permanently to monitor and/or control building ventilation on a 24-7 basis, the AIRXPERT 7000 will reduce the risk and uncertainty inherent in managing ventilation in any large facility.


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